• Another Successful Year for Art for the Parks

    Another Successful Year for Art for the Parks

    The Bahamas National Trust (BNT) in conjunction with Abaco Beach Resort and other corporate sponsors held its 6th Annual Art for the Parks from Jan.23-25. ...

  • Repairs Underway for Elbow Reef Lighthouse

    Repairs Underway for Elbow Reef Lighthouse

    Alex Klahm, Metal Architect and lighthouse specialist from St Petersburg, FL along with his crew are currently restoring and making repairs to the Elbow Reef Lighthouse in Hope Town. Among the repairs being made are re-installing the permanent ladder and trapdoor, changing the rusted gutters, installing new s...

  • Power Expansion Plans Presented to the Public

    Power Expansion Plans Presented to the Public

    Representatives of the Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC) travelled to Abaco to share their power expansion plans with the public and receive feedback as they plan to improve the quality of service on the island....

  • Captains Denounce Port Conditions

    Captains Denounce Port Conditions

    The Marsh Harbour Port is responsible for roughly $40 million of government revenue every year. It is the heart of Abaco’s economy, as the majority of all goods must flow through this facility. The freight captains who use these docks weekly realize these facts and are understandably upset about the Port’...


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  • No to a Marina

    As a follow up to our meeting on January 8, 2015, we as members of the Association of Little Harbour Property Owners, would like to thank you for meeting with us, especially as it was on such short no...

  • Food and Water

    I consider myself a TRUE TRUE Bahamian and am always very pleased when I learn of a person or company producing food for the Bahamian Population, i.e. Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute ...

  • From the Editor's Desk: 700 Jewels

    We are a country discovered by the Spanish, reformed by the British, paid by the Americans and courting the Chinese. We are a necklace of 700 jewels that other nations have either taken from us or we ...

  • Developing a Sixth Sense with NIB

    I believe it to be the duty of our National Insurance Board to make us stronger, faster, better, and more adapt to our surroundings. How do you ask? Many ways of course!...

  • Farewell to Man-O-War’s Favourite Pooch

    My dog, Aero, passed away in his sleep the night of the 6th. He had a long and happy life, was well loved by all, and his smile will be greatly missed....